01: WordPress history


Marina Lebedeva

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Today we’ll talk about how the most popular engine appeared and developed. Its history, how it developed, what innovations were added in certain versions.

The current version, at the time of writing, wordpress 4.7.4

May 27, the content management system WordPress will turn 14 years old. What has emerged as the fork of the blogging platform b2, has become an incredibly popular self-sufficient platform that is used by millions of people.

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Null: Advantages and Disadvantages of WordPress Management System


Marina Lebedeva

When there is a need to develop a website, be it a programmer (of course, if knowledge is more than one management system) that must implement the required functionality, or the customer who is looking for the right tool for work, you start to think and evaluate alternatives for development.

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Peace, Labor, WordPress


Marina Lebedeva

As promised, starting today we publish articles on the wordpress management system.

Consider the file structure of the management system, the structure of the database CMS WordPress, let’s talk about all the advantages and disadvantages of this management system.

Apple patented a new charging of its devices through a WI-FI network


Marina Lebedeva

Apple is experimenting with medium and long wireless charging technologies, which one day will allow users to charge their iPhone with no more than a Wi-Fi router in accordance with the US patent and trademark application, announced on Thursday.
When the “new” are considered to be due to its diagonal screen, RAM, “improved” camera, a new version of the operating system, we have not seen any revolutionary and completely new chips for their gadgets.