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Chat-bots are virtual assistants. These are virtual interlocutors, which can be built into instant messengers. They help your business to be closer to customers. And to be completely accurate, chat-bots are an intelligent system of communication with users, which works automatically. They can be integrated into Telegram, Viber, What’s App, Slack, and also in Skype and Facebook Messenger. This is a mobile application, the popularity of which is growing every day.

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Advantages of chat bots

Primary user survey

Web application chat bots are useful for mass recruitment, can work when selecting banking products.

Quick answer to any questions

The service of the developed site can be automated, and the waiting time for your customers is reduced. Also, this function is suitable for holding contests, surveys, questionnaires.

Constant time control and structuring of work

Any work with the calendar and notes, the ability to receive quick and relevant feedback from customers, maintaining contacts with customers and customers even after cooperation.

Stages of work

Stages of work on the development of the chat-bot

  • 1

    Discussion and prototyping

    The style of communication between the bot, the team, the scripts - all this we discuss and approve together with the customer. The interface of the keypads is being worked out, sets of commands and answers are selected.

  • 2

    API development

    Chat-bots need to befriend other participants in the process - site and CRM-system. To do this, you need to develop an API, and if the API is there, you need to connect it to the boot.

  • 3

    Development of the chat-bot

    We perform work on the implementation of parameters, register in the messenger, connect to the API and configure all the parameters.

  • 4


    We run the bot out of the test mode, install various analytical systems and track the funnels in sales. After the first start of the bot, all the scripts and algorithms are checked in detail, and only after that the full work of your assistant begins.

questions and answers

Popular questions-answers on the development of chat-bot.
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  • 1. What can chat bots do?

    Replace routine - allows you to perform certain functions without attracting people, and the work will be done instantly and flawlessly;
    Search and aggregation of news, analytics, data (Data-Driven Collaboration), data is available at the decision-making point - messengers and all the participants who need them;
    E-commerce - for spontaneous purchases without a long search, mobile ecommerce + visual search + chatbots, to communicate with customers;
    The first line of work with clients, assistants, consultants, sample questions, telephony;
    Just for Fun - just for fun.

  • 2. How can a chat business help business?

    A chat bot in business can significantly reduce the cost of maintaining staff and automates a lot of routine processes: it can be instructed to send messages to customers or employees. With the help of chat-bots, you can communicate information directly to the client, which is convenient not only to the project owner, but also to the client.

  • 3. What are the differences between chat-bots and mobile applications?

    Comparing chat bots with mobile applications, you can see that if applications perform one task, then chat-bots within a single project can be multitasking.

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