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Every year, owners of mobile gadgets download or update about 300 mobile applications. And just over half of buyers make purchases and order services using smartphones. To order a web application costs both start-ups and those who have long been engaged in business. Smartphones – this is a niche that is just beginning to be developed as a commercial site, so you need to be in time to enter the market in this way.

Of course, you can make an adaptive design – it’s much cheaper and easier. But there are a lot of sites, but mobile applications give an opportunity to offer their potential audience something radically new and interesting.

Our specialists offer several options: corporate, commercial, entertainment, additional reality. At the same time, we have all the tools to tailor a specific target audience for you.

Order the development of a mobile application

Order a mobile application development by filling out a brief for development

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Advantages of developing a mobile application

Great service

Ability to work offline, fast download, easy to use interface and much more.

Clear terms of order fulfillment

You receive your order on that day, which was agreed in advance.

Enhancing the image

The image of your company is improving, customers learn more about your activities and the quality of the services provided.

Stages of work

Stages of work on developing a mobile application.

  • 1

    Discussion and Terms of Reference

    These are very important steps to find out the goals for which a mobile application is created. Also the terms of reference define the terms, tasks, and necessary results of the work.

  • 2


    A mobile application also requires performing a stage such as prototyping. The matter is that without preliminary structuring of the application it is impossible to save in the future on the designer, the programmer and other experts who will correct numerous mistakes.

  • 3

    Project implementation

    At this stage, we offer the customer to see the work done, test the mobile application and run it. Voilà! You get an effective tool, and we are another plus in your karma!

Questions and answers

Popular questions-answers on the development of mobile applications.
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  • 1. Whose side to take in the war of mobile operating systems?

    The best solution to this dilemma is to make the application for both iOS and Android. If this is not possible, you need to weigh the pros and cons. The cost of developing a mobile application for each of the platforms is about the same, there is no clear winner. Nevertheless, the market of Android-devices is much more segmented. This means that supporting applications for Android and adapting them for the whole variety of versions and screen resolutions will cost you considerably more. In turn, iOS boasts a higher profitability, data security, user loyalty, and also allow you to spend less on support

  • 2. What should be my application?

    Why do people use applications? If you do not dig deeply and do not go into the details of research on psychology, then a short answer - because they perform the necessary function. Used to solve some problems, automate processes, or just for fun - the main thing is for users to find a real application for your mobile software. Try to keep the balance. When creating an application, think of both the benefits to your business, and how to make the best product for users. You want them to be loyal and come back to him again and again, right?

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